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State of the Global Mobile Industry - Annual Assessment 2012 : Chetan Sharma Consulting

State of the Global Mobile Industry - Annual Assessment 2012 by Chetan Sharma Consulting

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Topics covered - Industry Overview, Mobile Impacts Everything,  Subscriber & Revenue Growth, Data Growth, Devices - Changing Landscape, Mobile Data Traffic Growth & Solutions, IP, Competitive Dynamics, 2012 expectations

Summary State of the Global Mobile Industry 2012

  1. Total global mobile revenue to hit $1.5 Trillion in 2012 = 2% of global GDP
  2. Mobile Services Revenues exceeded $1 Trillion in 2011
  3. Global Mobile Data Revenue > $ 300 Bn (Non-messaging data now @53% of global mobile data revenue)
  4. Total global mobile subscriptions to exceed $3 bn in early 2013
  5. China + India = 27% of subscriptions but 12% of service revenues 
  6. Mobile devices now exceeding traditional computers in unit sales + revenue
  7. Samsung & Apple now account for 50% of smartphone volume share and 90% of profit share
  8. Tablets have created a new computing paradigm that is having a significant impact on commerce, content consumption and developer investments
  9. Mobile Broadband (4G) being deployed at a faster rate than previous generations. First time data is leading the charge. Overall 1.5 Bn broadband connections by end 2012
  10. Global mobile app revenue has completely and irreversibly tilted to off-deck
  11. All major markets consolidating with top 3 players = 85% of mkt
  12. Mobile data traffic 2X y-o-y in most markets. mobile data = 95% of global mobile traffic by 2015
  13. Several multi-bilion dollar opportunity segments are emerging = Mobile Advt, mobile commerce, mobile wellness, mobile games, mobile cloud computing, etc.
  14. Mobile ecosystems have become very dynamic and unpredictable - 5 amigos = Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft & Facebook
  15. Mobile operators under pressure from OTT players (OTT share in global mobile revenues @ 4%)
  16. OTT players forcing mobile operators to open up their game (operators partnering, launching their own OTT apps, increasing tariffs to manage margins)
  17. IP become key component of long term product strategy (21% of patents granted in US are mobile related, top 20 control 1/3rd of overall patent pool)
  18. In 3-5 yrs, with few exceptions, if a company is not doing a majority of its digital business on mobile its going to be irrelevent
  19. Mobile has become the single most important digital channel for engaging consumers & it shows (In US, mobile revenues > ecommerce + music + ISP + Hollywood + cable
  20. We have entered the Mobile 3.0 era where "data" is all that matters and it disrupts the value chains (data will drive network growth and contextual data will drive majority of the VAS growth)
  21. There will be more changes in the enxt 10 years then in the previous 100 (value chains will keep disrupting every 12-18 months by new players and new business models. several verticals are getting redefined e.g. retail, health, education)

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